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Post by odsmk on Tue Jan 04, 2011 6:16 pm

Here is the official VoidMs forum rules thread. First, you must understand this is a forum. This is not a place for you to horse around and spam on. Forums are only there for constructive and entertaining discussions to take place. So far this forum has done pretty well off, but I think it is time to lay down the law and set some rules to keep the forum as law abiding as we can.

Forum moderators:

Spamming is one of the most ignored and abused rule of all. That is why I am putting it first.

Spamming: To submit not needed material

Spamming will not be tolerated. This includes posting anything that does not apply to the section or topic. This also includes reposting the same general thing over and over.

Examples of spamming:
SpammerSample wrote:lol cool
SpammerSample wrote:no
SpammerSample wrote:yes
Anything very short.
SpammerSample wrote:LOLOLOL HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA DUDE OMG yeah i wish i was like that mhmmhmhh yeah lolol
SpammerSample wrote:You are such a noob. I can't believe you didn't know that.
SpammerSample wrote:I'M A LESBIAN
SpammerSample wrote:me too lol

Deleted posts, warnings. If you ignore the warnings, you will receive infractions.

Posting on untouched/inactive topics:
This has become an issue.

Personally, I don't really care. I just care when I see this:

Rachel: yeah omg cool (dec 16th)
Brandi: omgogm i wish i was that cool (july 25th)
GM: shut the fuck up and don't revive dead topics (july 25th)

So from now on, when posting in a topic, be sure to look at the dates before posting.

Forum Games are exempted from this rule

Consequences: Warnings, infractions, post deletion

Flaming is NEVER tolerated.

Flaming means to insult and discriminate others.

Of course, joke flaming is fine. It is just when it turns into a big rage thread back and forth is when it becomes serious. This will not be accepted anymore.

Sample wrote:i like your hat sample2
Sample3 wrote:me too lol
Sample4 wrote:shut up stop spamming
Sample3 wrote:i dont count it spamming, u shut up
Sample4 wrote:it is spamming u are just a complete retard just gtfo
Sample3 wrote:i dont care what u think i just know no one likes u and you should just quit the forums!

Consequences: Infractions, bans.

Trolling is just annoying.

Trolling means: To purposefully aggravate someone

This is something we have had multiple problems with in the past, but now we are deciding to take action.

TrollSample wrote:umad?
TrollSample wrote:Shut the fuck up.
TrollSample wrote:You mis spelled receive as recieve.
TrollSample wrote:I like your hair

Notice how this is also spamming?

Consequences: Infractions, deleted posts, possibly ban.

I will never take serious action or any action at all on this particular rule unless it is something like a random bump. Like it wasn't for any purpose.

Bump meaning: To post on a dead or not dead topic for the sake of bringing it back up to the top.

This can be accepted if it is on something like an unban request that has been ignored, or a donation. Anything like a gm app or random thread will have consequences.

This will be accepted if you need to bump it for more information, or you are contributing to the threads purpose. This sort of falls into the reviving dead topics, but it is a bit different.

Consequences: Minor, maybe a simple warning. If it is on anything like a GM app, there will be further consequences like an infraction.

Posting on unban requests, reporting user threads, or GM applications:
This is one of the most important rules.

Posting on an unban request without having DIRECT part in the actual ban will be counted as an immediate infraction. For one, you may support false evidence. Two, it will be counted as spamming. Do no post anything like "good luck" either.

Posting in reporting user threads without having DIRECT part in the actual report will be counted as an immediate infraction. For one, you may support false evidence or may just be trying to defend your friend. Two, it will be counted as spamming. Do no post anything like "YA HE HACKER" or "no he no hax" either.

As for posting on GM Apps, you are simply not allowed to do so. They aren't there for you to help or flame; they are there for us to help decide on new staff.

Consequences: infractions, warnings, post deletion.

Posting Porn:

Posting pornography is out of the question. You may not have adult images in these forums. You can, however, on special circumstances link to pornographic content as long as:
a) It's in the right section/topic
b) The content doesn't infringe US law
c) The content is properly explained, no hidden links
d) The link is relevant.

Consequenses: Infraction, post deletion.

Advertising for another server will result in ban. This does not include talking about another server, only the following:

(or any link to another server that is not relevant)
SampleAdvertiser2 wrote:JOIN MAPLESERVER TODAY
SampleAdvertiser3 wrote:omg mapleserver has so many cool things about it!

Consequences: Ban

Intro Topics:

You're only allowed to post a intro or farewell topic when you're planning to go away for more than two weeks and you can only post an intro topic if you haven't posted one or your last post is from at least two weeks before the date of your post.

Consequences: topic deletion and if repeated, infraction.

If a rule has been broken and needs a staff member to private message the player, they will use this format:
You have broken rule: [rule]
Thread(s) where this action occured: [link of thread(s)]
Quotation of the post(s): [quote]
[Personal note from the GM]
This means you have received an infraction.

This is our Infraction System:
Infraction 1: 10% of points gone.
Infraction 2: 10% of points gone.
Infraction 3: Temporary Ban

After your first Temporary ban, the system goes as listed:
Infraction 1: 10% of points gone.
Infraction 2: 10% of points gone.
Infraction 3: Permanent Ban.

These are the main rules as for now. Many different rule threads will be stickied as "Useful" or "Important" under different sections. It would be most wise to read those and this thread and make sure what you're posting is against no rules.

Spamming does not count in the spam section unless it is a completely no use thread. A great example would be:

If you have any questions or concerns about the rules, please private message any of the people listed towards the top. They will be happy to help you and answer your questions.

Thank you for participating in leading a safe and fun time on the forum of VoidMs.

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Official Forum Rules Empty Re: Official Forum Rules

Post by imPro on Sat Mar 12, 2011 4:35 pm

Please inform yourselves of the new Infraction System, edited into this post.

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