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Post by Noodle on Fri Mar 11, 2011 11:40 pm

Name: Shelby
Time Zone/Location: Eastern Time, Florida.
Age: 15
E-Mail/IM: plasticnoodle@live.com
In-Game Name: Noodle

1. Why do you want to be an Intern?
I want to do more for the server, than how I can now, as a Donor. I want to contribute more, just in a different way. I want to help make people not think they wasted their time on Void. I can make the overall mood to the server rub off as "Nice", and not "Rude". This server has a few bad apples, and A LOT of good apples!

2. If you were to come face-to-face with a Hacker, what would you do? Be specific in your steps.
I would !hide, then take screenshots of this "Hacker" and then when I have enough evidence to ban them I will alert a higher-up person and wait until they take a look at it to finalize the decision of fully banning them. If they decide to do a unban appeal, I will show the screenshots, which is hard evidence. But the last decision is up to the higher-ups.

3. If you were to come face-to-face with a Spammer and/or Abuser, what would you do? Be specific in your steps.
I would take screenshots of the Spam or Abuse, then warn them to stop, if they do not stop, I will jail them until they calm down. If they disobey me again, they will not get a second chance, they knew the consequences of spamming or abusing on VoidMS.

4. Have you ever been a Maplestory GM before? If so, please list your proof, such as screenshots.
No, I have not. But I am a Donor on this server, if that counts in this case.

5. How much do you know about our server? List 3 unique Features that VoidMS has to offer.
Void has NPCs to show us what items we have that are rare , or the list of rares. @Joko, @Ari.
Void also has a unique trading systems. Snail stamps, Slime stamps, etc. They're just compacted versions of mesos, in a more convenient display. You can exchange them, too.
Void also recently introduced @zombie, when you contaminate the humans, and whoever contaminates the most wins, and the only survivor wins.
Void ALSO has v62 + v88 items, which most v62 probably don't have v88 items, as of now. v88 are hard to get, which makes it better.

6. How often would you say you play on Void?
Everyday, usually. From when I get home(at like 2:00pm) to late at night. (10:00pm-11:00pm)
I can access the forums through my phone & iPod, too... but not Void, obviously XD
I go on the forums almost everyday, I read a lot of the threads, and comment.

7. Why should we choose you over our other applying candidates?
I am quite persistent when it comes to work. I won't abuse the privilege of being an Intern, I won't show off, I'll just help the server grow, and more. I don't break promises, either. I am also an active user in-game and on forums. I host daily events to heal boredom, AND I connect well with the community. I am not rude to new people, I help a lot.

8. What other special skills could you contribute to the server, if any?
I can bring GFX skills to the server, and possibly Website making through DreamWeaver in the future. I am learning more in the classes, more about Website-making now. I can possibly contribute money in the future, if that counts. I'm Adobe Certified, meaning in terms that we all know: I'm EPIC at Photoshop. (My teacher told me to say that when people ask what that means).

I won't be hurt if I am not accepted, I'll still play Void like I usually do!
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