Poetry Time. [warning sappy and corny]

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Poetry Time. [warning sappy and corny] Empty Poetry Time. [warning sappy and corny]

Post by Chelsea on Thu Mar 24, 2011 6:08 pm

**Missing Love**
Up on a mountain my heart soars
I wish upon a penny while it drops
My heart has been searching far and long
Why can't I find you?
You have yet to come.
My heart leaves me waiting,
waiting for your message,
it skips a beat,
but that is between you and me.
**Fairytales and love**
Love is not a fairy tale,
especiall mine.
I'm sitting here with flowers and a pail,
thinking of you some more.
My heart flutters,
leving me breathless
I can hardly speak with all my stutters
When I think of how you make me feel.

Love is not a fairy tale,
it is far to complicated for that,
love takes your breath away and leaves you pale.
Because of love thining sucks,
he's all I every think about,
Oh, I am so lovestruck.
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