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Post by LoganGrimes on Sun Apr 10, 2011 7:37 pm

Logan Grimes
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1. Why do you want to be a Forum Moderator?
I want to be a forum Moderator because i see lots of posts that aren't replied to and i fell i should reply to them all the time but i am not a forum moderator.
2. Have you ever broken a Forum Rule? Be honest.
No I Have Not.
3. Have you ever enforced a Forum Rule? Be honest.
No I Have Not.
4. List 2 Forum Rules, and why there are important.
Posting Porn-There are young people who play this game and do not need to educated by the filthy internet,They need their parents to do that.
Spamming-Nobody likes seeing the same post over and over again,it's takes up space and gets really annoying and nobody likes spammers.
5. How often are you on the Forums?
I use Alt+Enter while in-game so i can always see the forums and i play the game around 7 hours a day which is very sad Sad But I'm Still Skinny Very Happy
6. Why should we choose you over our other applying candidates?
Considering there's no other forum moderator applications out there,i guess that's a reason,I'm Super active,I know the forum rules since i have read them several times for knowledge purposes and such.

Thank You


See You In Game!

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Forum Moderator Application(Glory) Empty Re: Forum Moderator Application(Glory)

Post by imPro on Sun Apr 10, 2011 7:41 pm

You may only choose one application to make;
Intern or Forum Moderator.

Read the rules next time so you know.
Please PM me one of the applications you wish to keep, and I will delete the other.

Rules changed to one application per category.

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