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Honestly? Empty Honestly?

Post by Blackberry on Sat Apr 16, 2011 6:57 pm


Hey bro
Yeah, you're my brother, but sometimes, you piss me off so badly.
You insisted on downloading a new game, I told you to download it onto the other laptop,
I knew it would cause problems between you and I.
Guess what you did? You downloaded it onto the same laptop as my Maplestory.
Now I get to play like half of the time that I used to.
And yesterday, I asked for 20 more minutes.
20 = a short period of time. You got fucking pissed at me.
You called me a bitch. Even worse things, all so you could play your game.
And you have to play for at least 40 minutes or you get banned.
Dad got pissed at us. Understand that he's fucking under so much stress because of you.
You break down if anyone yells at you. And when somebody yells at you, you go to your room and stay there for the rest of the day. You're in an amazing high school, take the opportunity that you've been given.
Stop freaking out at everybody and control yourself.

You are my dad. You have too much control over me. You take things away from me because of my brother.
I understand discipline. I understand that you love me. I understand that you want the best for me.
But that goes to a certain extent. You can't control all of me.
And you tell me that I can't have a girlfriend until the second year of university..
And you insist on me sleeping super early. I'm not a fucking three year old anymore.
I know how much sleep I need, and I'm getting way more than I should be.

Today, I was supposed to go to this dumb canoeing thing. Today, I realized that something was happening.
I told you that I wanted to go to this other thing, and you said no.
You started to yell at me.
There's discipline, and then there's this. What do you plan on accomplishing within me by doing that?

Hey you,
I don't know you that well. But I can tell some things. You think you're cool because you go to the corner store and by yourself a drink. I was at the supermarket and I saw you walking around with deodorant. That doesn't make you cool. And at the last second, you ran back and put it back onto a shelf.

Sometimes, I think of us as friends, but most of the time, you are so annoying.
You have this weird laugh where you go super high pitch, and you do it just for attention. You laugh when a teacher is explaining something, you laugh in the middle of Phys. Ed.
And when you sneeze, you make the "oo" in achoo last for like 20 seconds, and sometimes, you even make the sound "achooie."
Everybody finds you so annoying and everybody knows you are an attention hoar.
I know that you dislike me, I dislike you too.
Sometimes, I want to completely stop all contact with you, but we only have such a small community around us, and that would just ruin the atmosphere when we go to the same place.

I understand that there's nothing wrong with deodorant.
I use it all of the time, it's just that he walks all around the store carrying deodorant trying to make himself look cool when he is the exact opposite of it.
No Teresa, I will not join Berries.
And Noodle, I understand that my father wants the best for me, but he's taking that too far.
He restricts me so much.

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Honestly? Empty Re: Honestly?

Post by Sarah on Sat Apr 16, 2011 9:33 pm

I like how some of the most elaborate/neat ragers are fruit names (:
I like it.
Feel better :C
I can't really offer anymore advice since mine tends to always be the same.
But just, I hope that this made you feel a little bit better to let it out.

Honestly? Sarahgv

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Honestly? Empty Re: Honestly?

Post by odsmk on Sat Apr 16, 2011 11:57 pm

About your brother, this is something I encountered when I first started playing computer games. After a couple years he got his own comp and things turned out better.

Second.. what's wrong with deodorant? I use it everyday. o-o
Trust me, not sure on your age but you'll find it to be something to love. Razz

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Honestly? Empty Re: Honestly?

Post by Teresa on Sun Apr 17, 2011 4:29 am

I have no brothers cant help u with that.
My parents seperated and i live with my mum so i also cant help u with that...
I dun use any deos cause i smell awesome ^^
As for friends...o-o I think ur friend is either annoying or funny either way,i wud think of it as a silly joke n laugh ^^
Off Topic:Btw nice forum name,same name as Jr ranked members in my guild Berries ^^
Care to join?XD it's 99 so...join our branch Straw if the 100th place is taken XD
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Honestly? Empty Re: Honestly?

Post by Noodle on Sun Apr 17, 2011 7:08 am

That's how it was with my brothers when we had one computer, but it was vice versa, I was the one to rage :C Then I finally got my own computer C: It'll get better, I guess.

..Can't help on the dad part, my dad is no longer here, soooooo. But, some dad's just want what's best for their kids, so that's maybe how he's showing it?

...I didn't understand the deodorant part xD? What's so bad about holding deodorant or whatever?

..Last part, I feel you. There's like 8239238912 people like that here(in my state). ATTENTION WHORES.

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Honestly? Empty Re: Honestly?

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