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Post by Victini on Fri Apr 22, 2011 9:37 pm

Hey everyone its Victini or Anne. Just to start off I will NOT be quitting Void I just thought this will be the right area to write this. My computer broke down April 19, 2011 which was Tuesday. I never really got to say Good-Bye to anyone ): There were about over 100 virus and problems in my computer and I'm pretty freaked that now it decides to break down when Void is going in some bad moments like my life.
Currently at this time my computer is at the repair shop, they workers are still working on it. They say the computer was cleared of all Virus's, but when they reboot my computer notices (spams) show up still. They say that they will have to wipe all my data which means my first screenshots of my friends and I in Void. I did not give them a straight answer of yes or not because I did not know if Void had new downloads (WZ, new client, etc.) If there is new downloads, I will go threw with the Wipe because I NEED MY COMPUTER I'm bored ): But if there is not I will NOT go threw with the wipe but I will delete everything but Void to save me a HUGE hassle. Durring my Absence I missed a lot of my friends.

and lots more if I can remember (thats the order on who I met)

I love you all! ): durring my adsence I was crying when I heard my computer was on hold for more then 3 days because I could't imangine this long period of time with no Void unless I was away from home. I talked to a lot of people though threw Facebook, Voiddev FB Page, and the chat box. I really don't know when I'll be back online, I'm trying my best to get updates on my computer and tell you, I love you all and I miss you so much that i LITERALLY Cried in front of the computer screen while talking to most of you. I am very emotional and it is very hard to not see all your virtual faces. I'll try to keep in touch with you all as much as I can.

Hope you all have a happy fun Easter because I wont be there for you guys! ):

Hugs, Kisses, Trolls ~ Anne (Victini)
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Post by ohokayGary on Fri Apr 22, 2011 9:54 pm

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No one really use this forum anymore.

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Difficult. Empty Re: Difficult.

Post by linden on Sat Apr 23, 2011 2:40 pm

Omg, Anne I'll miss you so much, I checked this forum and I'm glad I did Sad But Anne, You will be missed.

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